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Broomball Equipment

Basic Equipment

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For player safety, players participating in USA Broomball tournaments are required to have a commerically produced broomball stick, broomball shoes and a commercially produced hockey helmet. Recommended equipment includes a face protector for the helmet, gloves, mouth guard and pads.


Commercially produced broomball sticks are required for tournament play. They range in price from $20-$100. If you're a beginner, the $20 stick will be all you need. Sticks (a.k.a. brooms) have either wood or aluminum shafts. Each variation has its weakness. Wood shafts tend to break or splinter after awhile, while aluminum shafts can bend during a tough game.

Broomball Stick



There are two variations of the broomball. The outdoor ball looks very similar to a small soccer ball. These retail for about $25 and are manufactured by Baden and Acacia. The indoor ball is made of a hard orange rubber and retails for $18-20. D-Gel manufactures the indoor ball for USA Broomball tournaments. Since the majority of USA Broomball tournaments are played indoors, it is strongly recommended that each team have an indoor game ball on hand. Also, most leagues, whether indoor or outdoor, requires each team to have a game ball. 

Indoor Ball Outdoor Ball


Shoes are strongly recommended and required for USA Broomball tournament play. They give a player more traction than standard tennis shoes. There are two variations of the broomball shoe. The indoor shoe has a patterned sole, while the outdoor shoe has divots to collect snow from the ice. Shoes can be the most expensive piece of equipment, but having them can level the playing field with your competition.

Outdoor Shoe Sole Indoor Shoe Sole


Commerically produced hockey helmets with chin straps are required for all tournament play at USA Broomball events. A face shield or cage is also recommended. Hockey helmets can cost anywhere from $25 to $90.


Shin, knee and elbow pads are recommended, but not at all required. Falling and sliding on the ice can be murder on a broomballer's legs. Some players choose to wear hockey pads, but keep in mind, these can make you slide forever on an ice rink. Broomball manufacturers, such as D-Gel, have produced broomball pads that create a little more friction, so a player does not slide as far. Pads can range $25-$40, depending upon the style.

Shin Pads


Gloves can protect a player from those nasty knicks and slashes from an opponent. It is recommended that even indoor players use gloves. Some beginners and former hockey players choose to wear hockey gloves. Upper level broomball players find gloves produced by broomball manufacturers to be lighter weight and better for stick handling. D-Gel produces gloves ranging from $30-70.

GBroomball Goalie Equipmentoalie Equipment

Legal goalie equipment includes shoulder, chest, and shin pads, as well as a commercially produced hockey blocker glove. A commercially produced helmet is required, but a face protector is legal and recommended. Most goalies use a hockey goalie mask. The goalie pictured to the left is wearing all legal and recommended goalie equipment.

Illegal goalie equipment includes a catch glove (hockey, baseball or any other type of catching glove), hockey goalie pads and ice cleats are not legal for any player.