Tournament Results

The tournament results below are for USA Broomball sanctioned and state organization tournaments.

2017 USA Broomball National Championships (Pittsburgh, PA)


Champion: Fred's Tire (Stillwater, MN)

Champion: Syracuse Outlaws (Syracuse, NY)

Champion: Miami U (Oxford, OH)
Champion: Regulators (DC)
Champion: MN United (Minneapolis, MN)
Champion: MN Force (Minneapolis, MN)
Champion: Revels Repair (Long Lake, MN)
Champion: BiCurious - District of Columbia

2016 USA Broomball National Championships (Twin Cities, MN)


Men's A Broomball Champs - Berrie's Tavern
Champion: Barrie's Tavern
Finalist: Nomadic Horde  
 Men's B Broomball Champs - Watkins Legion
Champion: Watkins Legion
Finalist: MN Bombers
 Men's C Broomball Champs - OG's
Champion: OG's
Finalist: Ohio Bombers
Men's D Broomball Champs - Champion Awards
Champion: Champion Awards
Finalist: University of Nebraska
Women's A Broomball Champs - Arctic Blast
Champion: Arctic Blast
Finalist: Tracy's
Women's A Broomball Champs - Arctic Blast
Champion: Broomstormers
Finalist: Flying V's
Co-rec A Broomball Champs - Revel's Repair
Champion: Revel's Repair
Finalist: Old Town Tavern
Co-rec B Broomball Champs - Bipartisans
Champion: Bipartisans
Finalist: Kutters
Collegiate Broomball Champs - Miami of Ohio
Champion: Miami of Ohio

2015 USA Broomball National Championships (Fargo, ND)

USA Broomball Men's A National Champions
Champions: Barrie's Tavern (NY/MN)
USA Broomball Men's B National Champions
Champions: Superior Machine (MN)

Champions: Legislators (DC)

Champions: Indiana Invaders (IN)
USA Broomball Women's A National Champions
Champions: True North (MN)

Champions: Cold Storm (MN)

Champions: Revel's Repair (MN)

Champions: Superior Machine (MN)

2014 USA Broomball Global Championships

Champions: Berries Tavern (NY/MN)
Finalists: Flames (MN)

Champions: Ontario Stars (CAN)
Finalists: Quebec Huskies (CAN)

2014 USA Broomball National Championships (Blaine, MN)

Men's A Broomball National Champions
Champions: Barries Tavern (MN/NY)

Champions: Geez (Albertville, MN)

Champions: Sticks & Stones (Bloomington, MN)

Champions: Brine's Bombers

Champions: Black Ice (Minneapolis, MN)

Champions: Synergy (Minneapolis, MN)

Champions: Lake Effect (Minneapolis, MN)

Champions: Bi-Partisans (Washington, DC)

Champions: Bethel Royals (St. Paul, MN)

2013 USA Broomball National Championships (Oxford, OH)

Champions: Furious (Minneapolis, MN)
Finalists: Barries Tavern (MN/NY)

Men's Class B USA Broomball National Champios
Champions: Flames (Minneapolis, MN)
Finalists: Superior Machine (Duluth, MN)
Men's Class C National Champions
Champions: Baltimore Broomball Club (Baltimore, MD)
Finalists: Carolina Crushers (NC/SC)
Men's Class D Broomball National Champions
Champions: DC Legislators (Washington, DC)
Finalists: Dancing Goats (PIttsburgh, PA)
Co-rec A/B Broomball Champions
Champions: Lucid (Minneapolis, MN)
Finalists: Revel's Repair (Minneapolis, MN)
Co-ed C/D Broomball National Champions
Champions: Bi-Partisans (Washington, DC)
Finalists: Tug Toners (NE/MA/RI)

Champions: Miami University (Oxford, OH)
Finalists: Bethel University (St. Paul, MN)

2012 USA Broomball National Championships (Blaine, MN)

Champion: Inferno
Finalist: Nomad World Pub

Champion: Buck Dogs
Finalist: Fargo Warriors

Champion: Bud's Bar
Finalist: Mel's Boys

Champion: DC Nomadic Horde
Finalist: Whiskey Sticks

Champion: Minnesota Selects
Finalist: Selects Minnesota

Champion: Bethel
Finalist: Northwestern

Champion: Cold Fish
Finalist: No Bull

Champion: Buck Ice
Finalist: Macrame Lederhosen

2011 USA Broomball National Championships (Duluth, MN)

Champion: Inferno
Finalist: Diablos

Champion: Superior Machine
Finalist: Bergeys

Champion: REX Bulldogs
Finalist: Fargo Warriors

Champion: Bud's Bar
Finalist: Bombers

Champion: Gypsies
Finalist: Superior Machine

Champion: Bethel University
Finalist: UMD

2010 USA Broomball Global Championships 

USA Broomball's World Champions - Men's Tier 1 - Inferno (Minneapolis, MN)
Finalist: Odessa Outlaws (Odessa, SK)

USA Broomball's World Champions - Men's Tier 2 - UMD (Duluth, MN)
Finalist: Bogey's (Minneapolis, MN)

USA Broomball's World Champions - Co-Rec - Gypsies (Minneapolis, MN)
Finalist: Superior Machine (Duluth, MN)

2010 USA Broomball National Championships (Blaine, MN)

Men's A Champions: Inferno
Runner-up: Blues

Men's B Champions: Two3
Runner-up: Bergey's/Coors Light

Men's C Champions: JB Crew
Runner-up: Warriors

Men's D Champions: Mel's Boys
Runner-up: Bud's Bar

Co-Rec A/B Champions: Gypsies
Runner-up: Majors

Co-Rec C/D Champions: Broom Goes the Dynamite
Runner-up: Iowa United

Collegiate Champions: U of MN - Duluth #1
Runner-up: Miami of OH

2009 Meltdown

Upper Division Champions: Inferno
Runner-up: Blues

Lower Division Champions: One More Year
Runner-up: Bogey's

2009 Rec-a-palooza Broomball Tournament

Co-Rec Division Champions: TC Crush
Runner-up: Tanuki Attack

Men's Division Champions: Cheap Seats
Runner-up: Baltimore Broomball Club

2009 Sin City Showdown Champions - Blues

2009 National Championships (Richfield, MN)

Champions: Skinners Pub
Finalists: QA

Champions: Kelly Lake
Finalists: GL Sports

Champions: C&L Excavating
Finalists: Two3

Champions: Pickup STyX
Finalists: Baltimore Broomball Club

Champions: Party Sheep
Finalists: Superior Machine

Champions: Gadabouts
Finalists: Miami Redhawks of Ohio

Champions: UMD
Finalists: Bethel

2008 Cash Out Results (2nd Leg of the Triple Crown Series)

Champions: St. Paul Barons
Finalists: Beaver Roofing

2008 Meltdown & Rec-a-palooza Tournament Results

Inferno: Meltdown Upper Division Champs

Flames: Meltdown Lower Division Champs

Superior Machine: Rec-a-palooza Champs

2008 Sin City Showdown

Champions: Barries Tavern
Finalists: Skinners Pub

2008 USA Broomball National Championships (Fargo, ND)

Champions: Blues
Finalists: Inferno

Champions: Geez
Finalists: Bergey's

Champions: Kelly Lake
Finalists: C+L Excavating

Champions: Colorado Crusaders
Finalists: Two3

Champions: Miami of Ohio
Finalists: Bethel Royals

Champions: Voodoo
Finalists: Superior Machine

2008 Triple Crown Series Champions
Tier I: Blues
Tier II: Beaver Roofing

2008 North American / Midwestern Championships
North American Champions: Inferno
Midwestern Champions: Beaver Roofing

2007 USA Broomball National Championships (Blaine, MN)

Men's A Champions: Smart Morgage Blues
Finalists: Inferno

Men's B Champions: Penetrators
Finalists: Beaver Roofing

Men's C Champions: Billy's on Grand
Finalists: The Wall

Men's D Champions: Kelly Lake
Finalists: Mad Jack's

Collegiate Men's Champions: Bethel Royals
Finalists: Iowa State

Co-Rec Champions: Inflatable Party Sheep
Finalists: MN Selects

2007 Triple Crown Series
Tier I: Smart Mortgage Blues
Tier II: Minnesota Hitmen

2007 North American/Midwestern
North American Champion: Inferno
Midwestern Champion: Penetrators

2006 Sin City Showdown Champion: Barries Taver (NY)

2006 Cash Out
Tier I: Smart Mortgage Blues
Tier II: Minnesota Hitmen

2006 USA Broomball National Championships (Cleveland, OH)

Division Champion Finalist
Men's A Smart Mortgage Blues Life Chiro
Men's C Penetrators Oswego Outlaws
Men's D Cleveland Ringers CO Crusaders
Women's Miami University Cincinnati Canaries
Co-Rec MN Meerkats Friday Nighters
Collegiate Clarkson Iowa State

2006 Triple Crown Series Champions
Tier I:
Smart Mortgage Blues, Champion
St. Paul Barons, Finalist
Tier II: Minnesota Hitmen, Champion
Beaver Roofing, Finalist

2006 North American/Midwestern Championships (Triple Crown Series III)

Division Champions Finalists
North Americans Inferno QA
Midwesterns MN Hitmen Beaver Roofing


2006 USA Broomball Masters National Championships
Champion: Smart Mortgage Blues (Rosemount, MN)
Finalist: Inferno (Minneapolis, MN)

2005 USA Broomball National Championships (Rosemount, MN)

Division Champion Finalist
Men's Elite Inferno NorBull
Men's A Team Duluth Life Chiro
Men's C Club Goob T-Bonz
Men's D GL Sports Cleveland Warrirors
Co-Rec MN Meerkatz MN Selects

2004 USA Broomball National Championships (Omaha, NE)

Division Champion Finalist
Men's Elite USA Blue USA Red
Men's Class C Groveland Tap Beaver Roofing
Men's Class D Omaha Broomball

2003 USA Broomball National Championships

Division Champion Finalist
Elite USA Blue USA Red
A/B Fighting Saints No Bull
C/D Stadium Wolfpack Shaft Drivers

2002 USA Broomball Championship Results

Division Champion Finalist Co-Third/ Fourth Place
Men's Elite USA Red, Augsburg USA Blue, Augsburg  
Class A/B Men's Rapid Fire, Superior, WI Mels Boys, Augsburg  
Class C/D Men's Frenchmans Hitmen, Richfield Borrowed Bucks, Fargo, ND Regulators, Richfield
Maulers, Eagan
Class A/B Co-Rec MN Regulators Lemmings Team Minnesota