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The Super Grand Buffets American Men's Top 25
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on December 12, 2016 at 9:22:21 PM

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1. Fred’s Tire – Stillwater MN
1st Place North American Championships, 1st Place TC Open, 2nd Place Riverside Classic

No team has ever thrived under controversy like this collection. After a loss in the Riverside Classic Championship, a miserable world tournament, and a return to Auggie league play, the tread was getting very thin. They entered The North American having gone 5-5 in their last ten games. To make matters worse one of their top defensemen decided to take the lose/bail route a week before the tourney and jump ship to a main competitor. Throw in a Friday night NA pool play loss to the Flames ( where their inspirational leader took a horrendous penalty just before the start of OT) and the fork looked massive, just waiting to be inserted all the way in! They did not cave however, just the opposite in fact. Facing relegation to the MW (even with a win under certain conditions) they took matters into their own hands and blew the Fargo Warriors out of the building. Macalus, (who after his debacle of a penalty vs the Flames switched to God-Mode the next four games) and Purrington forced their team to try and keep up with the two of them. Their efforts paid off as the entire squad came back to life in “Instant Classic” games v Kelly Lake in the QF’s and Geez in the SF’s.
"Champions get up, even when they can't"

2. Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN
1st place Riverside Classic, 2nd place MN Meltdown, 2nd place North American Championships

The previously #1 ranked Laker’s (someone has to tell me what the hell Kelly Lake is! I keep forgetting to ask) did nothing to hurt their cause at the NA’s. They were brilliant in pool play, and played a fantastic QF game v Fred’s. They had an apparent goal wiped out late that would have setup a seemingly never ending string of 2-1 OT games against each other. The Editor thought he had saw everything, but the epic meltdown by the disallowed goal scorer was a sight to behold! Hodge tipping over the Coke machine at the old Horizon in the 2000 NA is the only thing even close to the Cat 5 Hurricane Kellum unleashed! Holy Shit!
The Mag would be remiss in not mentioning the incredible clutch goal by Pete Sikich to tie Fred’s.
The young man is already a force to reckoned with, and well on his way to becoming a top star in the sport.

3. Geez – Albertville MN

Making their 1st tournament appearance of the year at the North Americans, Albertville’s finest also acquitted themselves very nicely. After surviving a Friday night scare v Legion BC in front of a huge USA Broomball Hall of Fame crowd, Geez rattled off 3 more victories to reach the semi-finals vs Fred’s Tire. The game looked like it might be over early, as Fred’s stormed out to a quick 3-1 lead. Geez calmly and methodically came back however, and tied the game as they picked apart the Tire Merchants zone coverage. A late goal gave the victory to Fred’s in an exceptionally played game by both squads. With Nationals being in Pittsburgh this year (and Geez not attending) it would seem the MSF State Championship will be the only chance remaining For Geez to grab a major to put on the shelf with the two they earned last season.

4. Flames – Minneapolis MN

After shocking the world with their pool play victory over Fred’s Friday night it looked very much like we were going to witness a rematch in the NA final. The upset bug strikes both ways though and The Flames got bit hard by it in the SF’s, courtesy of the Muskrats. The Flames by The Mag’s count (and feel free to correct) have had a men’s franchise in existence since at least 1990. That 26 year mark leaves them second all-time only to Barrie’s Tavern recently concluded 31 year journey, AND makes them the longest running active franchise in the USA.

5. Nordic Stars – Minneapolis MN

Tantalizingly close to a SF matchup v The Muskrats, their hearts got ripped out in a double OT loss to the Flames in the QF’S of the North Americans. This team is as consistent as they come. Game in game out they bring it. They will undoubtedly be playing in a Championship tilt before long. Could it be The Bud Shoot-Out in Duluth? Inside sources tell The Mag the squad will be holed up in swanky Lake Superior view rooms, with a loaded roster full of savvy outdoor specialists. Check back Jan 9 for a performance review.

6. Beaver Machine – Duluth MN

Just a shame this team does not compete more often. They have top five team talent up and down the roster and two players that are world class. This is not a team you want to see in your pool, or on your side of the bracket if you are a higher seed. When the Beaver comes out of hibernation and makes one of its infrequent appearances it is a Superior animal not to be trifled with.

7. Furious – Minneapolis MN
1st place Midwestern Championships

A pretty similar story to Fred’s coming into the North Americans. The World tourney was a disaster starting right at the border. Thanks a lot Bin Laden! (full credit to The Hangover for that line) Roster controversy struck as well with the dismissal of a top player, while another top player has not been shy or quiet with his discontent. Unlike Fred’s though they were unable to recover from their NA game #1 loss to The Muskrats. They followed that L up with another pool play loss to Beaver/Machine. That landed them in the Midwestern portion of the event. A Midwestern Championship is a great accomplishment for B or C level team. A 9th place overall was not at all what this perennial top 4 team of classy hard working veterans envisioned when they sent in their entry fee however.

8. Legion BC – HQ Unknown

From the Nomadic Horde, to Team X, to the current Legion BC. Last years Cinderella of the East Coast seems to have been felled by the bright lights of Hollywood. A National Championship Final appearance in Minny (when all the power teams were present) and the release of a blockbuster production had The Horde being the ‘feel good' story of last season. The next thing you know the name has been changed (and I don’t think it was to protect the innocent), the roster transformed, and the results..... Well, not so good. Their three tournament appearances this year have been far below expectations. There is a chance to recover though! The Nationals field in Pittsburgh looks to be a two or three team race for the “A” title. As Fred’s can testify after this weekend, winning can and does cure all!

9. Muskrats – Blaine MN
2nd place North American Championships

Ranking right up there with the Kelly Laker meltdown for the “I don’t believe what I am seeing” moment of the year… The Muskrats in the North American Championship!!!!! The Gold Sheet had them listed at 5000-1 to win it. They weren’t even the favorite to win the Midwestern. Can you say Leicester City! What a great run! Congrats to Danny and the entire squad on the runner-up finish. Especially their keeper Coz, who has toiled away in the nets for years. You almost carried them all the way Cozmello.

10. MN Bombers – Blaine MN
2nd place Midwestern

The lime greener’s should be sponsored by Cuervo, perfect accoutremo! Midwestern playoff round wins over Wolves and Whiskey Sticks have them placed firmly atop the charts of the B teams. The squad is on the precipice of being an A level team. One more offensive threat added to the roster and they will be knocking off the established eight on multiple occasions.

11. Fargo Warriors – Fargo ND
12. Whiskey Sticks – Rochester MN
13. Watkins Legion – Watkins MN
14. Sticks and Stones – Bloomington MN
15. Warriors – Minneapolis MN
16. Tonka Lift – Mound MN
17. Wolves – Blaine MN
18. Sloppy waffles – Rochester MN
19. Mel’s Boys – Blaine MN
20. Outlaws – Syracuse NY
21. Bombers – Dayton OH
22. Invaders – Columbus IN
23. Wranglers – Bloomington MN
24. Legislators – Washington DC
25. Champion Awards – Richfield MN

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