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Who Was/Is The Greatest American Team Of All Time?
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on February 19, 2017 at 12:11:34 PM

Reprinted with additions - Thanks to all for the info!

Recent broomball conversations (a few alcohol fueled, a few others not) have fascinated The Editor. He has listened with undivided attention as the participants have either subliminally or blatantly attempted to make a case for their said squad (covering several different eras) to be considered the greatest of all time.

The Mag put their crack research staff to work and compiled what they believe to be a fairly definitive list of America’s top team’s performances in major tournaments. Tournaments using the outdoor inflated ball have not been included in this report. As always we are open to retractions and reprinting’s, so feel free to alert us should you find something amiss.

It should be noted that two great dynasty’s occurred with the inflated leather ball during a time frame when the Minnesota Recreation and Parks Association (MRPA) Class AA State Tournament was the only sanctioned tournament in the country. The original Fred’s Tire captured the MRPA AA Title a preposterous 13 consecutive times from 1973-1985. This was during a peak era in the sport, as hundreds of men’s broomball teams were competing in Minnesota at the time. The original Fred’s were a symbol of excellence that drove teams such as St. Paul Park VFW, The original Tony Jaro’s and Hansen Sports to try to emulate their success.

Speaking of St. Paul Park VFW, they were another team that proved to be dominate during the inflated leather ball period. They were the squad that finally ended Fred’s streak, holding on to the MRPA AA Title in 86,87,88 and 89. The end of Park’s run transitions us perfectly into the modern era of American teams beginning to play with the hard rubber ball that our Canadian neighbors had already been using for years.

The Original Tony Jaro’s – 6 Majors
MRPA AA State Champions - 90,91,92
MSF Elite/A State Champions – 90,91
Budweiser International Champions – 87

Rockets/Alliant Steel - 3 majors
Budweiser International Champions - 90,91,92

Hansen Sports – 21 Majors
MRPA AA State Champions – 93,94,95,96,97
MSF Elite/A State Champions – 93,94,95,97,98,02
USA Broomball Class A National Champions – 99,00
USBA Class A National Champions – 96,97,00
Saskatoon Gold Broom Champions – 1998
North American Champions – 98,99
Budweiser International Champions 93,94

Jaro’s/CH Anderson – 7 Majors
MSF Elite/A Champions – 99,00,01,03
USBA Class A National Champions – 98,99
North American Champions – 00

USA Blue/Blues – 15 Majors
MSF Elite/A State Champions – 06
USA Broomball Class A National Champions – 01,03,04,06,07,08
North American Champions – 01,02,03,04
Gold Broom Champions – 02,03,04
Can/Am Champions – 03

USA Red – 2 Majors
USA Broomball National Champions – 02
IFBA World Champions – 02

Skinner's Pub - 2 Majors
USA Broomball National Champions - 09
MSF Elite/A State Champions - 09

Inferno – 14 Majors
MSF Elite/A State Champions – 04,07,10,14
USA Broomball Class A National Champions – 05,10,11,12
North American Champions – 06,07,08,09,11,12

Barrie’s Tavern – 9 Majors
MSF Elite/A State Champions – 15
USA Broomball Class A National Champions – 14,15,16
North American Champions – 14,15
Can/Am Champions – 13,15
Gold Broom Champions – 16

Furious – 2 Majors
MSF Elite/A State Champions -13
USA Broomball Class A National Champion – 13

USA Hawks – 2 Majors
MSF Elite/A State Champions – 12
North American Champions – 13

Geez – 2 Majors
MSF Elite A/State Champions – 16
North American Champions – 16

There you have it. You can draw your own conclusions. Feel free to comment!

Just a few sidenotes before we go.

The Mag has only counted what they deem majors. Due to a maniacal tournament director (and many other individuals following suit!) the opportunities to participate in indoor broomball tournaments exploded after the 1996 World Championships. Whereas a team like the original Tony Jaro’s MAYBE played three indoor tournaments all year long pre-1996, the next two decades have seen teams be able to choose from 10-15 indoor tournaments per year all over the USA.

If all American teams tournament wins were counted the numbers would be tilted wildly in favor of USA Blue, Inferno and Barrie’s Tavern. USA Blue/Blues played in 41 tournaments from 2001 – 2008 winning 33 of them. Barrie’s Tavern stats are even more ridiculous, playing in 33 tournaments from just 2012-2016 while winning 28 of them! The Mag does not own complete historical data for Inferno, but can easily figure that between Moose Lake, Meltdowns, Cashouts, Riversides etc.. at least another 10 tourneys were won, bringing their title total to somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 from 2004-2014.

Last thing – We would be most interested in hearing from any of the Canadian dynasty’s reps. If Ottawa Nationals, Bruno Axemen, Pogos, L’Assomption or Embrun Plumbing historians are viewing post up some numbers! Would love to see them!

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