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Schedule For The 2017 International Broomball Championships - March 24/25 Augsburg Arena Mpls MN
Submitted By: Dave on March 9, 2017 at 11:34:52 AM

All games played at Augsburg Arena
2323 Riverside Ave Mpls MN

Elite Division
Pool A
Fred’s Tire – Stillwater MN
Sticks&Stones – Mpls MN
Flames – Mpls MN
Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN

Pool B
Sun Devils – Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, MN
Fargo Warriors – Fargo ND
Geez – Albertville MN
Beaver Machine – Moose Lake, Duluth MN

Intermediate Division
Outlaws – Syracuse NY
University of Nebraska – Lincoln NB
Invaders – Columbus IN
Mel’s Boys – Blaine MN
Rochester United – Rochester MN
Wolves – Blaine MN
Tonka Lift – Mound MN

Friday March 24

Rink A
5:15p Outlaws v U of Neb
6:00p Tonka Lift v Mel’s Boys
6:45p Fred’s Tire v Sticks/Stones
7:30p Sun Devils v Warriors
8:15p AllStar Construction Women’s Game
9:00p Resurface
9:15p Kelly Lake v Fred’s Tire
10:00p Sun Devils v Geez
10:45p Flames v Sticks/Stones
11:30p Beaver Machine v Warriors

Rink B
6:45p Kelly Lake v Flames
7:30p Geez v Beaver Machine
8:15p Wolves v Rochester United
9:00p Outlaws v Invaders
9:45p Tonka Lift v U of Neb
10:30p Mel’s Boys v Wolves
11:15p Invaders v Rochester United
Saturday March 25

Rink A
11:45a U of Neb v Invaders
12:30p Flames v Fred’s Tire
1:15p U of Neb v Wolves
2:00p Kelly Lake v Sticks/Stones
2:45p Rochester United v Outlaws
3:30p Resurface
4:15p Elite Consolation SF A 3rd v B4th
5:00p Elite SF A 1st v B2nd
5:45p Elite SF B1st v A2nd
6:30p Elite Consolation Final
7:15p Resurface
7:30p Elite Final
8:15p Intermediate Final

Rink B
11:00a Rochester United v Mel’s Boys
11:45a Tonka Lift v Wolves
12:30p Sun Devils v Beaver Machine
1:15p Outlaws v Mel’s Boys
2:00p Geez v Fargo Warriors
2:45p Tonka Lift v Invaders
3:30p AllStar Construction Women’s Game
4:15p Elite Consolation SF B3rd v A4th
5:00p Resurface
5:45p Intermediate SF 1st place v 4th place
6:30p Intermediate SF 2nd place v 3rd place

All games played under USA Broomball non-contact rules with the following tournament rules in effect
• Two 15 minute stop time halves
• Running time will ensue at ANY point the goal differential is 4 and above
• The mercy rule will be invoked at ANY point the goal differential reaches 6
• Any pool play game ending in a tie will play 4v4 (no goaltender) sudden death OT
• Any playoff game ending in a tie will play one 5 minute stop time sudden death period
4v4 plus goaltenders. If still tied 4v4 (no goaltender) sudden death will ensue
• Teams will be seeded based on 2 points for a win and 1 point for an overtime loss
• All tiebreaking procedures will be posted on site
• Any player receiving a fighting penalty (or 2 misconducts) shall be immediately disqualified from the event and possibly subject to further disciplinary action

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