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American Men’s Top 25 – 2016/17 Final Edition – Brought to you by Carnegie Deli
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on April 11, 2017 at 9:43:53 AM

We are pleased to announce The Carnegie Deli, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd (located inside the beautiful Mirage Resort in Las Vegas NV) as our new rankings page sponsor. If you are attending The Sin City Showdown in September stop in and use code word Cicero for 50% off the Italian sub of your choice.

The final month of the season saw some significant changes in the rankings. Inactivity caused some teams to drop, while performance at The International and National Championships determined others rankings fate. For the first time in the history of the rankings nine teams from outside MN have qualified for a spot in the coveted Top 25

There were many merged teams, and teams with plenty of new faces at the last two super, mega rankings events of the season. As has always been the Mag’s policy, it’s the name on the front of the sweater during an event, not the one on the back, that moves a squad up or down the ladder.

Hope you enjoyed the rankings throughout the year. We will be back in 2017 after the TC Open, Sin City Showdown, MN Meltdown and Riverside Classic have been completed.

Here we go!

1. Fred’s Tire, Stillwater MN
Fred’s killed any suspense that may have been left with regard to the final #1 ranking when they captured their 4th straight USA Broomball Class A National Championship in Pittsburgh PA. In doing so they have become the first team in USA Broomball history to win the event four consecutive years. The are also the first team to win the National Championship in three different states, AND are now tied with Inferno for 2nd place all time in total National Championships won (4).

2. Geez/C&L Excavating, Albertville MN
The 2017 International Champions went 5-0 in perhaps the most talented tournament field in America this season. They defeated the Sun Devils, a team of extremely skilled Canadian and American players in pool play, and then again in the “prove it” championship. They were not able to solve the Barrie’s/Fred’s losing streak that has afflicted them, but proved they can beat anyone, anytime with their stellar International performance.

3. Legion BC, Various outposts
This collection of athletes from at least four different States started the year slow and picked up steam as it progressed. An overtime loss in the finals of the Syracuse Can/Am to this year’s Ontario Provincial Champion Helicopters, and a game of the year overtime loss in the National Championship game to Fred’s Tire propel them to the #3 spot. Change those two OT L’s to W’s and you would be seeing their name in the #1 slot.

4. Kelly Lake, Apple Valley MN
Looked poised to battle Fred’s all year for the #1 spot after beating them for the Riverside Classic Championship. Poise went out the window however at the NA and International with two of the most nuclear meltdowns the editor has ever witnessed (and keep in mind the editor has pitched his share of classic fits over the years, as well as seeing some classics from his more colorful teammates).

5. Rochester United, Rochester MN
A semi-final appearance in the A Nat’s and a MSF Class B State Championship see the Southern MN crew finish the year as one of the hottest teams in the land!

6. Fargo Warriors, Fargo ND
The Consolation Champs of The International Elite bracket, as well as MN State B runner-up’s proved they still have life despite their seemingly endless player shortage.

7. Sticks and Stones, Minneapolis MN
We called them the most improved team in the land last issue and they did nothing to dispel that notion as they knocked off the Flames and Beaver Machine at the International.

8. Flames, Minneapolis MN
The Mag touted their top four pedigree last issue and then watched as the fire went out with a 0-4 performance in the International. Puzzling finish to an otherwise very good season.

9. Nordic Stars, Minneapolis MN
A strong ¾ season and then wound up on a milk carton late in the year. Please call The Mag immediately if you see the green and gold at a rink near you.

10. Wolves, Blaine MN
Define irony – A guy from the squad questions the ranking process, and challenges teams ahead of them to play them with their regular roster. John Snow and Co. then show up with two completely different lineups for International and Nationals and proceed to go on a complete tear! Where is JT "Mr Roster Integrity" when you need him? Oh well. The Mag made their stance clear on this, and the sweaters said “Winter is Coming”. We said RU finished as one of the hottest teams in the land... Well, Nymira, Ghost, and Shaggy Dog finished even hotter!

11. Beaver Machine, Duluth MN
12. Furious, Minneapolis, MN
13. Outlaws, Syracuse NY
14. Watkins Legion, Watkins MN
15. MN Warriors, Minneapolis MN
16. MN Bombers, Minneapolis MN
17. Tonka Lift, Mound MN
18. Tie - Bombers, Dayton OH – Legislators, District of Columbia – Invaders, Columbus IN
(You try to separate em based on Northeast Shootout,, Nats and International results!)
21. Muskrats, Minneapolis MN
22. Woodys, Syracuse NY
23. Met-X, Inver Grove Heights MN
24. Miami University, Oxford OH
25. Top Shelf, Baltimore MD

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