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RE: Top 60 World Rankings - Sponsored By...... Whatever Company Finally Makes A Playable Broomball
Submitted By: The Mag on April 20, 2017 at 11:41:17 PM

The Editor sez you were banned William, statute of limitations must have expired eh. Welcome back!

Not much to go on with the Dingoes this year other than the previously mentioned massacre perpetrated upon them in Regina in the Masters Division of the IFBA World Championships. Bad press is better than no press, but that stat summary looked horrific.

Not sure there are much more than 20-25 total women's teams in the whole world playing competitive broomball. Maybe 6 in western Canada, 6 in Eastern Canada and 10 at the most in the USA? Might be wrong, not sure. We can verify that nine total women's teams participated in the CBF and USA Broomball National combined. Perhaps a top 5 ranking would be in order, probs not 20.

We aren't qualified here to rank them properly. If you are, give it a shot. We don't pay much
here at GBM, but it's a great resume builder! We'll put you on staff if you come up with some good stuff!

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