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Co-Rec Iron Man - Individual Registration Tournament - Sat June 10 Augsburg - 14 More Men needed, 14 More Women needed - Deadline to fill is June 1
Submitted By: Dave on May 19, 2017 at 11:20:23 AM

Here's the scoop. Each team will have 11 player's. 7 males and 4 females. It will be male goaltenders . 3 males,
2 females on the ice. You register individually and are drafted on to teams by selected captains (draft will be Monday June 5). The cost to play is $35 and you pay at the rink the day of the tourney. If you bail late or no show you are looking at a lifetime Auggie ban!!!!

All skill level are welcome. Tweet, text, Facebook, snapchat, instagram, telegraph or smoke signal this info out to all your broomball contacts. Let's fill this thing up and have a fun Saturday of brooms!
To register email [email protected]

This will be the tournament schedule
9:00a 1v2
9:45a 4v5
10:30a 1v3
11:15a 4v6
12:00p 2v3
12:45p 5v6
1:30p QF
2:15p QF
3:00p SF
3:45p SF
4:30p Championship

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