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Riverside Classic Oct 13/14 Is Sold Out - Draw Information Inside
Submitted By: Dave on August 1, 2017 at 2:57:56 PM

For all the conspiracy theorists out there who are convinced some teams get easier draws (notice four top seeds are in same pool for Meltdown?) a true draw is going to be held for the Riverside Classic. The twelve participating teams should all have a rep present at Meltdown Tourney HQ (Augsburg Rink A lobby) Fri night Sept 22 at 9;15pm.

There, each team rep will draw a number 1 through 12. In numerical order starting with whoever draws the #1, the teams will write their name on the tourney board in the pool of their choice, thus choosing their own tourney fate! Do you want to draw the #1 and see who jumps in your pool (or who wants to avoid you)? Is it better to have the #6 and view half the teams already on the board? Perhaps you need to dodge the #12 to avoid that last spot in a power packed pool? Choose your strategy wisely, there will be no crying about this schedule, you will have picked it yourself!

The pools, along with the game schedules, will be available for viewing here on the message board by Friday August 11. Study hard team rep, you will determine your teams path to the title!

Riverside Classic Teams
1.Sun Devils
2.Coors Light
3.Kelly Lake
9.Rochester United
10.Nordic Stars
11.Fargo Warriors

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