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Schedule For The 2017 Sin City Showdown - Sept 7/8 - Las Vegas NV
Submitted By: Dave on August 8, 2017 at 7:50:00 AM

All games played at Las Vegas Ice Center - 9295 W Flamingo Rd

All games played under USA Broomball non-contact rules
* All games (pool and playoff) ending in a tie will play 4v4 (no goaltender) sudden death OT
* Running time will ensue at any point the goal differential reaches 4
*The mercy rule will be envoked if the goal differential is six or greater at halftime, or at any point it reaches six in the 2nd half. All games must play through the 1st half.
*Teams will be seeded based on 6 points for a win, 2 points for a shutout, 2 points for an overtime loss, and 1 point for each goal scored (maximum 6)
*All teams advance to the playoff round

Men's Division
Barrie's Tavern - Syracuse NY/ Minneapolis MN
Sun Devils - Phoenix AZ
Broomshak 2012 - Becancour QB
Flames - Minneapolis MN
Wolves - Blaine MN

Revel's Repair - Long Lake MN
Castlegar Broomball - British Columbia
Brewsers - Richfield MN
Pittsburgh BC - Pittsburgh PA
Sparkplugs - Richfield MN

Thur Sept 7
8:30a Castlegar v PBC
9:15a Revels v Sparkplugs
10:00a Barrie's Tavern v Wolves
10:45a Sun Devils v Flames
11:30a Brewsers v PBC
12:15p Sun Devils v Wolves
1:00p Broomshak v Barrie's Tavern
1:45p Revels v Castlegar
2:30p Sparkplugs v Brewsers
3;15p Flames v Broomshak

Friday Sept 8
9:00a Men 4th place v Men 5th place
9:45a Men 2nd place v Men 3rd place
10:30a Men 1st place v 9:00a winner
11:15a Mixed 4th place v Mixed 5th place
12;00p Mens Championship
12:45p Mixed 1st v 11:15a winner
1:30p Mixed 2nd place v Mixed 3rd place
2:15p Mixed Championship

Questions? Contact Dave
[email protected]

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