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Blank Schedule For Riverside Classic
Submitted By: Dave on August 9, 2017 at 1:51:38 PM

How the draw will work -

The team drawing the #1 will place their name in the pool slot of their choosing ( example - Flames draw the #1 - they walk up and perhaps write their name in the Red Pool #2 slot). The team drawing the #2 then goes up and chooses their spot on the board. Maybe they want the Flames game 1, and write their name in the Flames pool. Maybe they want nothing to do with the Flames, and find a spot in another pool as far away from any potential Flames matchup as possible.

So on and so on until all twelve teams have been placed in pools. If you don't have a rep at the draw your team will be placed in the last available spot.

Here is the grid - See you at The Meltdown for the draw!


Friday Oct 13
Rink A
6:45p R1 v R2
7:30p B1v B2
8:15p G1 v G3
9:00p O1 v O3
9:45p R2 v R3
10:30p B2 v B3

Rink B
6:45p G1 V G2
7:30p O1 v O2
8:15p R1 v R3
9:00p B1 v B3
9:45p G2 v G3
10:30p O2 v O3

Saturday Oct 14
Rink A
11:15a Play-In Red 2nd place v Blue 3rd place
12:00p Play-In Green 2nd place v Orange 3rd
12:45p Play-In Orange 2nd place v Red 3rd place
1:30p Tier 1 QF Blue 1st v Rink A 12p winner
2:15p Tier 1 QF Green 1st v Rink A 12:45p winner
3:00p Tier 2 QF Rink B 1:30p loser v Rink A 11:15a loser

7:00p Tier 1 SF Rink B 12:45p winner v Rink A 1:30p winner
7:45p Tier 1 SF Rink B 1:30p winner v Rink A 2:15p winner
8:30p Tier 2 SF
9:15p Tier 1 Championship
10:00p Tier 2 SF
11:00p Tier 2 Championship

Rink B
12:00p Play-In Blue 2nd place v Green 3rd place
12:45p Tier 1 QF Orange 1st v Rink A 11:15a winner
1:30p Tier 1 QF Red 1st place v Rink B 12p winner
2:15p Tier 2 QF Rink B 12:45p loser v Rink A 12p loser
3:00p Tier 2 QF Rink A 1:30p loser v Rink A 12:45p loser
3:45p Tier 2 QF Rink A 2:15p loser v Rink B 12p loser

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