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Schedule For 21st Annual North American/Midwestern Championships Dec 8&9 - Augsburg Arena Mpls MN
Submitted By: Dave on October 25, 2017 at 2:09:16 PM

All games played at Augsburg Arena, 2323 Riverside Ave.

Pool A
Barrie’s Tavern
Nordic Stars

Pool B
CL Excavating
Fargo Warriors
Mels Boys

Pool C
Rochester United

Pool D
Kelly Lake
Tonka Lift
MN Bombers

Friday Dec 8
Rink B
5:00p Flames v C+
5:45p Tonka Lift v MN Bombers
6:30p C+ v Rochester United
7:15p Muskrats v Wolves
8:00p Chiefs v Rochester United
8:45p Muskrats v Nordic Stars
9:30p Outlaws v Mel's Boys
10:15p Furious v MN Bombers
11:00p Fargo Warriors v Outlaws

Rink A
5:45p Barrie’s Tavern v Wolves
6:30p Flames v Chiefs
7:15p Barrie’s Tavern v Nordic Stars
8:00p USA Broomball HOF Ceremony
8:30p Resurface
8:45p Furious v Kelly Lake
9:30p CL Excavating v Fargo Warriors
10:15p Kelly Lake v Tonka Lift
11:00p CL Excavating v Mel’s Boys

Saturday Dec 9
Rink B
8:15a Flames v Rochester United
9:00a Nordic Stars v Wolves
9:45a Furious v Tonka Lift
10:30a Mel’s Boys v Fargo Warriors
11:15a Resurface
11:30a NA QF
12:15p NA QF
1:00p NA QF
1:45p NA QF
2:30p MW QF
3:15p MW QF
4:00p MW QF
4:45p MW QF
5:30p Resurface
5:45p Women
6:30p Women
7:15p Women
8:00p Women
8:45p Women
9:30p Women

Rink A
8:15a Chiefs v C+
9:00a Barrie’s Tavern v Muskrats
9:45a MN Bombers v Kelly Lake
10:30a Outlaws v CL Excavating

5:45p NA SF
6:30p NA SF
7:15p MW SF
8:00p MW SF
8:45p Resurface
9:00p NA Final
9:45p MW Final

The top two teams in each pool will advance to the North American Division. The next two teams in each pool advance to the Midwestern Division. Teams will be seeded based on two points for a win and one point for an overtime loss. All tiebreakers will be posted on site.

Note - A player must appear in uniform, on the bench in two of the three pool play games to be eligible for the playoff round. All teams must submit via email, a roster with players name and jersey number (no other information is needed) by 3p Friday 12/8. Failure to have a completed roster submitted by that time will result in forfeit of first game. In the event of that happening a team will have until start time of their 2nd game
Friday night to submit a roster or be removed from the tournament. The roster should be emailed to [email protected]

*Running time will ensue at ANY point the goal differential reaches four
*The mercy will be envoked at ANY point the goal differential reaches six
*Pool games ending in a tie will play 4v4 (no goaltender) sudden death OT
*Playoff games ending in a tie will play 4v4 (with goaltender) 5 minute, stop time, sudden death. if still tied
4v4 (no goaltender) sudden death will ensue.

Questions on completing the roster, or any tournament rules, please feel free to email me or call, 651-485-8561

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