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Syracuse Can-Am Brackets and Schedules
Submitted By: Kevin, Rich, Dave on December 4, 2017 at 2:57:28 PM

Syracuse Can-Am Teams,

Welcome to this years 35th Annual Syracuse Can-Am Broomball Tournament - 2018. This great yearly broomball tradition has become a part of our broomball community since 1983. In the first game of the first annual event, we saw the original Barries Tavern out of Syracuse play Russell Sprouts out of Ontario, Canada and the tournament would grow from there. The tournament continues to bring the best teams in the world together and we will continue our efforts every year to make it happen for both the men's and women's divisions.

We want to thank teams for following the new process for applying to the tournament. Taking a step in a new direction will help in so many ways in communicating with teams and most important, we create an easy and organized setting before, during and after the tournament. We had over 1000 hits on the new website during the application process and there are very few questions being asked because everything is there to view.

Next years 2019 Syracuse Can-Am will take place January 4,5,6. When this years event ends, we will get the new dates up on the website so teams have a full year to plan and can sign up anytime during the 2018 year.

NEW to the 2019 event. We will add a C/D division!! We will post this on the website as well. The Can-Am will now be a yearly destination for ALL broomball teams.

The brackets and schedules for this years event are now on the website. We will update scores as games finish. I have also placed a roster/waiver form on the website to fill out before your arrival. We will need each players name and signature on the form and this form will need to be turned in by email to Dave Boland or handed to us before your first game.

ALL games will start on time. We will not give a grace period for teams.

The best of luck to all teams!! Dave, Rich and I look forward to seeing everyone next month. As usual, if you have questions, feel free to ask.


Kevin Perrigo
Owner/Manager of Operations
Syracuse Indoor Sports Center
Syracuse Can-Am Broomball Tournament

Syracuse Can-Am Broomball Tournament

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