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Men's American top 20
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine – Acting Editor on December 19, 2017 at 2:17:57 PM

I have received permission from The Mag’s owner to post new rankings. I am currently in high level negotiations with Senior Management to buy the entire broomball package, including the tournament tour dates and events, quite possibly by the start of next season. I did my homework as I was told.

Here are my current rankings

1. Barrie’s Tavern – NY/MN - North American Champions, Sin City Showdown Champions, MN Meltdown Champions, Twin City Open 2nd place
2. MN Chiefs – MN – North American 2nd place, Riverside Classic 3rd/4th place, MN Meltdown 3rd/4th place
3. Kelly Lake – MN – Twin City Open Champions, MN Meltdown 3rd/4th place, North American 3rd/4th place, Riverside Classic Tier 2 Champions
4. C&L Excavating –MN – North American 3rd/4th place
5. Furious – MN- MN Meltdown 2nd place
6. Legion BC – East Coast
7. Outlaws – NY
8. Nordic Stars – MN
9. C+ - IN
10. Fargo Warriors –ND – Midwestern Champion
11. Sticks&Stones – MN
12. Rochester United – MN – Midwestern 2nd place
13. Wolves – MN
14. Mel’s Boys – MN
15. Tonka Lift – MN
16. Muskrats – MN
17. Saints – NJ Mid-Atlantic Champions
18. MN Bombers – MN
19. Legislators – DC
20. Bombers - OH

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