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Schedule For The 2018 International Championships -March 23/24 Augsburg Arena
Submitted By: Premeir Broomball Inc. on February 23, 2018 at 10:26:49 AM

2018 International Championships -March 23/24 Augsburg Arena

Elite Division
Pool A
Barrie’s Tavern – Syr NY/ Mpls MN
Legion BC – Eastern Region USA
Furious – Mpls MN

Pool B
C&L Excavating – Albertville MN
Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN
MN Chiefs – Mpls MN

Intermediate Division

Pool C
Nordic Stars – Mpls MN
Wolves – Blaine MN
Watkins Legion – Watkins MN
C+ - Columbus IN

Pool D
Tonka Lift – Mound MN
Rochester United – Rochester MN
Station 280 – St Paul MN
Sun Devils – Syr NY, Mpls Mn, Winnipeg MB

Friday March 23
Rink A
6pm Sun Devils v Tonka Lift
6:50p Kelly Lake v MN Chiefs
7:40p Barrie’s Tavern v Furious
8:45p Kelly Lake v C&L Excavating
9:35p Barrie’s Tavern v Legion BC
10:25p MN Chiefs v C&L Excavating
11:15p Furious v Legion BC

Rink B
6:00p Station 280 v Rochester United
6:50p Nordic Stars v Wolves
7:40p Watkins Legion v C+
8:30p Tonka Lift v Rochester United
9:20p Sun Devils v Station 280
10:10p Nordic Stars v Watkins Legion
11:00p Wolves v C+

Saturday March 24

Rink A
10:30a Sun Devils v Rochester United
11:20a Station 280 v Tonka Lift
12:10p Barrie’s Tavern v C&L Excavating
1:00p Kelly Lake v Legion BC
1:50p QF C1st v D4th
2:40p QF C2nd v D3rd
3:45p Elite QF A2nd v B3rd
4:35p Elite QF B2nd v A3rd
5:25p Elite SF B 1st v winner 3:45
6:15p Elite SF A 1st v winner 4:35
7:30p Intermediate Championship
8:20p Elite Championship

Rink B
11:20a Wolves v Watkins Legion
12:10p Nordic Stars v C+
1:00p MN Chiefs v Furious
1:50p QF D2nd v C3rd
2:40p QF D1st v C4th
4:00p Intermediate SF 1:50 winners
4:50p Intermediate SF 2:40 winners

*All games played under USA Broomball non-contact rules
*Running time will ensue at any point the goal differential reaches 4
* Mercy rule will be invoked at any point the goal differential reaches six
* To be eligible for the playoffs a player must appear in uniform, on the bench, for at least two of the three pool games. No exceptions.
* Teams will be seeded based on two points for a win and one point for an overtime loss
* Any pool game ending in a tie will play 4v4 (no goalie) sudden death OT
* Any playoff game ending in a tie will play a five minute sudden death overtime period
4v4 plus goalies. If still tied 4v4 no goalie sudden death OT will ensue
*All tie breaking procedures will be posted on site
* Players may only play in one division of play. Any player appearing on more than one roster will be disqualified.
* Rosters with players name and jersey number must be emailed to [email protected] by Monday March 19. Failure to do so will result in sanctions

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