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International Championships - All Tournament Team
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on March 24, 2018 at 9:54:16 PM

Elite Division
MVP - Corey Swanson G CL Excavating
D - Andy Stickney - MN Chiefs
D - Max Johnson - CL Excavating
D- Tony Sikich - Kelly Lake
D - Jonathon Jaunty - Barrie's Tavern
D- Quinn Schmitt - Barrie's Tavern
F - Pete Sikich - Kelly lake
F- Dave "DC" Carroll - MN Chiefs
F- Erin Schumacher - CL Excavating
F- Wyatt Stanton - Barrie's Tavern
F- Tommy Macalus - Barrie's Tavern
F- Jeremy McJunkin - Barrie's Tavern

Intermediate Division
MVP - Jon Noyes G - Wolves
D- Brian Sanderson - Wolves
D- Jeff Noyes - Wolves
D- Andy Snyder - Nordic Stars
D - Reg Robidoux - Sun Devils
D - Kevin Croal - Rochester United
F- Keith Perrigrino - Sun Devils
F- Ryan Smyrk - Rochester United
F- Kevin Donahue - Sun Devils
F- Matt Lund - Wolves
F- John Synhansky - Wolves
F- John Kramer - Nordic Stars

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