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Nationals Observations
Submitted By: Global Broomball Magazine on April 16, 2018 at 9:07:36 AM

56 teams! More than 700 athletes! USA Broomball pulled off another broomball spectacle.

The Mag watched a lot of broomball, mucho contestos! Some random thoughts from The Editor -

Quote of the weekend heard at the check in table "Everything hurts and I'm dying" Steph from Baltimore-Sunday 8am.

The Co-Rec Class A game is a mess! It needs some major revamping.

The Co-Rec Class B games were spectacular, a nail biting playoff round.

Tracy's is a Women's Class A dynasty! Been doing it for a looooong time!

Women's B - The Eastern Region Women's teams are rapidly catching up to their MN sisters. If their development continues at current pace twill not be long before they are winning games against the Minny A teams.

The Men's A Divison is a huge success! 12 teams in Nat's, 14 nationwide. The Editor recalls a convo with Head Chief Andrew Stickney way back in September at The Meltdown. Both of us were of the opinion that 17/18 could be a year that could possibly see three different teams win majors (historically there has only been one year when more than two different teams have won the American majors). We were wrong.... FOUR different teams won major's! Barrie's Tavern fetched themselves a pair (North American,International) Legion BC rocked the Syracuse Can/Am, Kelly Lake earned themselves an MSF State Championship, and C&L Excavating is your USA Broomball National Champion! Parity has arrived.

Men's B - The demise of The Flames led to the rebirth of The Muskrats. The Rat's and Flames shared the dubious dishonor of forfeiting out of the NA/MW Championships. America's longest tenured team disbanded shortly after that fiasco with several member's deciding to don the Muskrat jersey. Instant success for the water rodents as they sweep a classy double header, winning the MSF Class B state Championship, and the USA Broomball Class B National Championship. Lead Muskrat Danny W was in the Super Rink parking lot
shoveling out Saturday asking for the tourney to be cancelled! Good thing he came back Sunday as he now has a shiny plaque for his office wall.

Men C - The Jersey Boys are another program that has evolved rapidly! The 2018 Class C National Champion New Jersey Saints looked very impressive all tourney long. The Ohio Bombers played some damn good broomball as well, knocking off Mels Boys and Top Shelf before bowing out in double OT to the Champs.

Men D - The college lads from Nebraska claimed a National Championship in open company, beating teams from three different States along the way. Their program and Miami U are great stories! Hopefully USA Broomball can reestablish the Collegiate Division in time for the 2019 Nationals in Fargo ND.

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