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For 2018/19 USA Broomball Play:
Submitted By: USA Broomball on July 18, 2018 at 4:04:11 PM

Roster limit for Men's play is 17
Roster limit for Women's is 16
Roster limit for Co-Rec is 14 (6 Female max, 8 Male max)

The class D Men’s division of play has been eliminated. The Men’s
Division will consist of class A, B, and C

Matching jerseys (like, or very similar) are required for all
divisions of play. Note: No tape on numbers. All jerseys must be
numbered. Failure to comply will result in the player or players being
unable to participate until rectified.

All players are required to wear a HECC approved hockey style helmet.
Lacrosse, Bicycle, Football helmets etc. are not allowed. Failure to
comply will result in the player or players being unable to
participate until rectified.

Shoulder pads of any type may only be worn by the goalie and must be
properly covered.

General playing rules:

* When a delayed penalty occurs the referee will blow the whistle and
assess the penalty at whatever point the offending team TOUCHES the
ball (possession/control is not required). Point of emphasis. A deflection off an offending team players stick, or the offending teams goaltender making a save without control will not be considered a touch, and will not result in a whistle to stop play on the delayed penalty.

* Too many players on the ice will result in an automatic stoppage of
play and a minor penalty will be assessed. Officials will not wait
until the offending touches the ball. It will be whistled immediately.

* A team IS permitted to leave the offensive zone with the ball if
they so choose. It will no longer be considered a delay of game if a
team gains the offensive zone, and then intentionally or
unintentionally carries the ball out of the zone to maintain

* Any player or team official who receives 2- 10 minute misconducts
in one game, or a 10 minute misconduct plus a game misconduct in the
same game will be immediately suspended until a hearing occurs to
determine additional sanctions and date of reinstatement.

* Minnesota Men’s players who appear on the roster of a participating
team in the Minnesota Sports Federation Men’s State Championships
cannot appear on the roster of a different team in the USA Broomball
National Championships if their MSF State Tournament team enters the
National Championship.

* Minnesota Sports Federation Men’s teams may add up to three players
to their rosters for the USA Broomball National Championships if, they
have roster spots available (if you fill your MSF roster with 17
players you cannot add for Nationals) and/or the players they are
adding play at a same or lower level, AND did not appear on a roster
of a participating MSF Men’s State Tournament team.

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