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15th Annual MN Meltdown – Sept 22/23 Highland Arena St. Paul – Schedule Inside
Submitted By: Dave on July 23, 2018 at 11:55:48 AM

All games played at Highland Arena, 800 Snelling Av S. St Paul MN 55116
Pool A
MN Chiefs – Richfield MN
Barrie’s Tavern – North America
Rochester United – Rochester MN
C+ - Columbus IN

Pool B
Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN
C&L Excavating – Albertville MN
Legion BC – United States
Wolves – Blaine MN

Sat Sept 22
North Rink
3:00p MN Chiefs v Rochester United
3:45p Barrie’s Tavern v C+
4:30p C&L Excavating v Wolves
5:15p Kelly Lake v Legion BC
6:00p Rochester United v C+
6:45p Barrie’s Tavern v MN Chiefs
7:30p Kelly Lake v C&L Excavating
8:15p Legion BC v Wolves

Sun Sept 23

North Rink
9:00a MN Chiefs v C+
9:45a Barrie’s Tavern v Rochester United
10:30a Kelly Lake v Wolves
11:15a C&L Excavating v Legion BC
12:00p SF A1st v B2nd
12:45p SF B1st v A2nd
1:30p Championship

All games played under USA Broomball non-contact rules
*Roster Limit is 17 and must be emailed to tournament director- [email protected] by
Monday Sept 17 with names and jersey numbers.
*running time at any point the goal differential reaches four
*mercy rule at any point the goal differential reaches six
*teams will be seeded on based on 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. Pool play games will not play OT (I don’t like doing this but I cannot go over the allotted ice time).
*If the semi or championship games are tied at the end of regulation, a sudden death 4v4 (no goaltenders) OT period will be played.

Two teams tied for an advancing position
1. Head to head result – if ended tied go to,
a. Goal differential all games
b. Least goals allowed all games
c. Most goals scored all games
d. If still tied after a,b,c - repeat the process, throwing out the game against the lowest finishing team in the pool.

Three way tie
a. Goal differential in games between the three tied teams
b. Least goals allowed in games between the three tied teams
c. Most goals scored in games between the three tied teams
d. Goal differential in all games
e. Least goals allowed in all games
f. Most goals scored in all games
Note – at whatever step the three way tie is broken, revert back to the head to head result between the remaining two teams to determine the advancing seed.

Alcohol is prohibited in Highland Arena (including locker rooms). Violators will be immediately removed from the tournament. No warning will be given. DO NOT bring alcohol into the building. Thanks!

Verbal abuse of officials, slamming of gates, sticks banged against the glass, will not be tolerated. Violators will be given a 10 minute misconduct. Any player receiving two misconducts will be disqualified from the tournament, and may face additional sanctions.

Any player intentionally attempting to stop play via jumping on the ice for a too many men whistle will be assessed an additional 10 minute unsportsmanlike misconduct. If the misconduct occurs within the last five minutes of regulation (or overtime) the player will be disqualified from the next sanctioned game.

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