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Great New York State Fair Cup Results
Submitted By: Kevin Perrigo and Rich Chiarizia on August 26, 2018 at 9:18:42 PM

Outlaws take the A over Lumberjacks
Pack take the B over USA Mob
Roadrunners take the coed over the One Man Giraffe Pack

The New York State Fair and the City of Syracuse would like to thank all participants for coming to this tremendous event. It is hard to explain exactly what the atmosphere was like inside the new Expo center where almost 200 thousand people walked into the center alone and 230 thousand people attended the fair during our event alone. Thousands upon thousands asked questions to participants and my staff about broomball and everyone did a great job of explaining and selling this great sport.

We will push for this event next year. The teams that came to the event can chat with anyone about the experience. Where else can you take a break from your games, go watch Live in concert for free, go play another game, and then go watch Counting Crows?! They may also tell you about the hundreds of vendors, rides, food, beer, animals, shows, etc. Yes, a giraffe made it in a team photo.

Rich and I would like to thank all those who attended. If we do this again next year, your teams will not want to miss out. The way we put it here in Syracuse, only at the fair can you see what you just saw...including a broomball that will remain in the huge sand sculpture set 30 yards away from the rink (yes, it sailed over the net and over roughly 1000 people) and will sit there until the fair ends on Labor Day and is the #1 spot for family photos. Can't wait for mom and dad to explain that picture.

Next up, Vegas!! See you there.

Open registration and new information about Syracuse Can-Am is coming soon!

Kevin and Rich

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