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Syracuse Can-Am Update
Submitted By: Kevin and Rich on September 26, 2018 at 10:28:28 PM

With worlds right around the corner, many teams have asked if they can enter their teams right after worlds so they can concentrate on preparing for the event in Blaine. This is not a problem as the deadline for application is right after worlds for the Can-Am.

With that being said, many teams are entering way ahead of schedule, many are in talks with me and making sure their team can enter and I can publish their team name, and there are a lot of teams that have asked us not to publish their team name just yet even if it looks like they are coming. They want to make sure. All of these are ok as the ball is already steam rolling. With all of the new improvements in facilities, nets, new divisions, etc., we have had over 1000 hits on the Can-Am website weekly over the past month and many emails and phone calls asking questions. It is an exciting time for broomball!

Also, the question asked. With the new hotel situation, will all teams be at the same hotel with a party area for all teams to hang out? YES!! Part of the conditions even with a new hotel is that all teams must stay at the same hotel and the hotel must have a bar.

Entered for the Men's A/B
Barries Tavern - MN/NY
Outlaws (Last years B champion) - Syracuse
Legion (Last years A champion)
New Jersey Saints - NJ
Vikings (Last years B 2nd) - Ontario

Teams that are likely in A/B
Valley Gamblers (Last years A 2nd place) - Ontario
Helicopters/LaCombe - Ontario

In beginning talks with A/B
Patriotes - Quebec
Quinte Merchants - Ontario
Another team from Minnesota (even though we are not publishing many other teams we are speaking to, it has to be noted that other Minnesota men's teams are considering the Can-Am challenge)

Entered Men's C
Boston Brooms
Cuse United - Syracuse
TSG - Ontario
Oshawa Mob - Ontario

In beginning talks C
Chiefs - Massena, NY
Ice Plex Broomball - Rochester, NY
Top Shelf - Maryland

Entered for the Women's
MWBP 3 - MN (not confirmed yet, but getting close)
Agents - East Coast
Osgoode Nighthawks - Ontario

In beginning talks Women
Broom Bangers - Ontario
Dynamites (Last years champion) - Quebec
Broomstormers - Maryland

Syracuse Can-Am Broomball Tournament

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