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Syracuse Can-Am Deadline Approaching
Submitted By: Kevin and Rich on November 8, 2018 at 2:13:47 PM

With only a couple more weeks left until the deadline, the Syracuse Can-Am is close to being full for all divisions: Men's A/B, Men's C, Women's. If your team is going to enter (spoke to a handful of teams at Worlds), please do so soon. If your team has already entered, please make sure your payment is in to Rich and also go to the website to book your hotel.

We will have a complete update of teams entered soon. If there are questions, please let me know.

If there is a women's team looking for players, we have 2 that are available to play.

If there are men that would like to play and are at the C level, please contact me as I have a C level team that needs a couple more players to fill out their roster.

Syracuse Can-Am Broomball Tournament

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