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Triple Crown Standings After Two Legs Are Complete
Submitted By: THE Broomball Magazine on December 17, 2018 at 1:49:25 AM

The Triple Crown winner will receive a paid berth to the 2020 USA Broomball National Championships. The highest finishing non-class A team will receive a 50% paid berth to the 2020 Nationals as well. Points are awarded based on the size of the tournament field. The champion of each event receives two additional bonus points, and the runner up receives one bonus point.

Last years Triple Crown Champion was Barrie's Tavern, who swept all three legs (MN Meltdown, NA/MW Championships, The International). C+ won the non class A portion of the Triple Crown.

Here are this years standings after the first two legs (Meltdown and NA/MW)

1. Barrie's Tavern North America 26 points (2nd Meltdown, 2nd NA)
2. Chiefs 24 points (1st Meltdown, tie 3rd/4th NA)
C&L 24 points (Tie 3rd/4th Meltdown, 1st NA)
4. Kelly Lake 18 points (Tie 3rd/4th Meltdown, tie 5th/8th NA)
5. Legion BC 17 points (tie 5th/6th Meltdown, tie 3rd/4th NA)
6. Nordic Stars 12 points
Furious 12 points
Outlaws 12 points
9. Wolves 11 points (tie 7th/8th Meltdown, MW 1st place)
10. MN Bombers 9 points
11. C+ 6 points (tie 5th/6th Meltdown, tie 13th/16th MW)
12 Flames 6 points
13. Ice Mafia 6 points
14. Rochester United 4 points ( tie 7th,8th Meltdown, tie 13th/16th MW)
15. Sticks&Stones 3 points
16. Mel's Boys 3 points

A quick forecast with The International remaining as the 3rd and final leg (there are currently 15 teams in the International, with one open spot left). Barrie's Tavern North America will claim the 2019 Triple Crown with a 1st or 2nd place finish in The International. The Chiefs and C&L can both win the Triple Crown by winning The International against anyone besides BTNA. Kelly Lake and Legion BC have mathematical chances to claim it, but would need to see each other in the title game and have BTNA not make the semi-finals. Te 50% non class A bid is completely up for grabs going in to the International.

Here are the points that were awarded for the 1st Leg

Meltdown Points
MN Chiefs 4 (10 Triple Crown Points) - Barrie's Tavern North America 1 (9 Triple Crown Points)
Tie 3rd-4th Kelly Lake, C&L Excavating (6 points each)
Tie 5th-6th C+, Legion BC (3 points each)
Tie 7th-8th Wolves, Rochester United (1 point each)

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