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American Men’s Top 20
Submitted By: THE Broomball Magazine on December 18, 2018 at 1:40:15 PM

1. C&L Excavating – Albertville MN
The 2018 USA Broomball National Champions are now the 2019 North American Champions!
C&L had a rough fall, performing well below expectations in the MN Meltdown and the IFBA World Championships. It all came back together for them in the NA however, as they won a 1-0 “prove it” game against their arch rivals The MN Chiefs in the semi-finals, and then defeated the International conglomerate “Barrie’s Tavern North America” 3-2 in a thrilling championship game before a packed house at the newly refurbished Auggie-Plex.

Goaltender Swanson put on his usual goal stealing show in the finals, and ex-Barrie’s players Nelson, Schmitt, Purinton, Jaunty, and Mackey played like maniacs against their former teammates. The return of Brandt and Schumacher cannot be understated, as their return to the lineup was the major difference in early season C&L v North American Champion C&L.

2. MN Chiefs – Richfield MN
The IFBA World Runner-Ups lose their #1 ranking in the head to head to matchup vs C&L in the NA Semi.

After blitzing through the summer and fall and coming oh so close to winning a World Championship, the Tribe was clearly not the same squad during the NA. Despite Mike “Juice” Bauer scoring nearly every time he touched the ball, The Chiefs looked listless in a 2-1 QF victory over Furious, and could not find the back of net vs C&L in the Semi. While C&L benefitted by additions, The Chiefs suffered greatly by subtraction. Johnny “Broomball” Seitz, The Chiefs" Innovator of Offense" was absent, and their sparkplug Dave “DC” Carroll could not make Saturday’s contests. You have to play your hand to the best of your abilities though, so let’s hope both the top two squads are at full strength for the remaining three majors this year (MSF State, International, Nationals).

3. Sun Devils/Fred’s Tire – Minneapolis MN, Syracuse NY
This collection of veteran players claims more hardware over the last decade than any other group of players in any era. Macalus, Sean and Casey Gibbons, Chippy ONeil, Chiarizia, and goaltender Garcia cemented their legacies by capturing the IFBA World Masters Championship in November, defeating HPQ Silicone (an equally legendary collection of LeFrost and L’Assomption players) in a 2-1 OT classic. Forty-two tournament championships since 2011. Ridiculous!

4. Legion BC – USA
Several states represented by this team. The best “two-minute drill” in broomball. These guys seem to thrive on spotting the opponent a 2-0 lead, and then tying it late! It’s now happened twice vs C&L and once against BTNA in the last three months. If they can get their OT game plan on track they may never lose a game, despite never leading! They absolutely decimated Kelly Lake in the NA QF’s, and leap frog their Laker friends by virtue of that result.

5. Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN
The Laker’s were a bad bounce, and a questionable call away from paying a visit to the World Title Tilt. The residual effects of that misfortune clearly carried over to the North Americans, as they did not survive the QF’s in the NA’s.

The roster was quite a bit thinner than it was at the World Tourney, and the Sikich goaltending situation aged a generation as Dad filled in for Chris. They weren’t asking for any sympathy however, and still competed hard. The Mag expects a bounce back at the State tournament from this clan.

6. Furious – Minneapolis MN
Not a good showing at The IFBA extravaganza for the team that put the most prep into the event. They worked hard at the International game all summer, even going so far as to skip the floating blue line MN Meltdown tourney, so as not to mess with their redline rule mindset.

They are capable of beating any of the top five from time to time, and have several Major Championships over the last decade to prove their potential. They put the fear of the almighty into The Chiefs in the NA QF’s, but were severely spanked by BTNA in pool play, and had to survive a scare of their own from the Wolves in what proved to be a tough pool grouping.

7. Outlaws – Syracuse NY
Part of the squad travelled to Pittsburg PA to assist the NJ Saints in winning the Mid-Atlantic Championship before coming home to repack, head to Minneapolis, and qualify for a top eight, upper half finish at The North American/Midwestern Championships. They also showed no fear in making a July trip to St. Paul to take on powerhouses The Chiefs, Sun Devils, C&L and Kelly Lake in the TC Open. Very impressive courage!

8. Nordic Stars – Minneapolis MN
Ageless wonders! Having not tasted competition of any sort since last April they took the North Star sweaters out of moth balls, calmly won their Augsburg League opener, and then qualified for the NA’s, scoring an impressive 11 goals in four games while taking on the likes of Kelly Lake and C&L.

Well done gentlemen. The Mag salutes you!

9. The Wolves – Blaine MN
The Midwestern Champions absconded with the Midwestern Cup chock full of Malt Liquor! They earned the Championship by beating the MN Bombers in a pair of OT beauties (pool play, and again in the Finals). Quote of the tourney came from one of the Stark boys who wanted to know “where did the crowd go?” The Editor remembers that feeling oh so well, winning the International Intermediate in 91 with 6 people watching, after the mass exodus of over 700 hundred people watching the Elite Final the game before bailed out in a hurry!

10. C+ - Columbus IN
Much like the Outlaws, this team is full of courage. They venture into the lion’s den time and time again. They do it with less numbers and less financial support as well. Vegas? No problem! They are there, playing hard against some of the very best talent from Canada and the USA. The Triple Crown? Hell yeah, two years running against the best of the best.

11. MN Bombers – Blaine MN
12. NJ Saints – Atlantic City NJ (not sure what city they are from, but AC sounds cool!)
13. Rochester United – Rochester MN
14. Flames – Minneapolis MN
15. Ice Mafia – Golden Valley MN
16. Sticks&Stones – Apple Valley MN
17. Muskrats – Blaine MN
18. Mel’s Boys – Blaine MN
19. Invaders – Columbus IN
20. Tie - Legislators – District of Columbia OH Bombers – Dayton OH

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