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Schedule For 2019 International Championships – March 22/23 Augsburg Arena
Submitted By: Premier Broomball Inc on March 14, 2019 at 12:35:08 PM

Augsburg Arena 2323 Riverside Ave Mpls MN

Elite Division
Pool A
Legion BC
C&L Excavating
Barrie’s Tavern North America

Pool B
MN Chiefs
Kelly Lake

Intermediate Division
Pool C
Station 280
Rochester United
Watkins Legion

Pool D
Nordic Devils
Ice Mafia

Friday March 22
Rink A
6:30p Kelly Lake v Furious
7:20p Legion BC v C&L
8:10p Kelly Lake v MN Chiefs
9:00p Barrie’s NA v Legion BC
9:50p MN Chiefs v Furious
10:40p Barrie’s NA v C&L
11:30p Wolves v RU

Rink B
6:30p Nordic Devils v Ice Mafia
7:20p Flames v C+
8:10p 280 v Wolves
9:00p RU v Watkins
9:50p Nordic Devils v C+
10:40p Ice Mafia v Flames
11:30p 280 v Watkins

Saturday March 23
Rink A
11:30a Nordic Devils v Flames
12:20p 280 v RU
1:10p Kelly Lake v C&L
2:00p MN Chiefs v Legion BC
2:50p INT QF
3:40p INT QF
5:00p Elite QF
5:50p Elite QF
6:40p Elite SF
7:30p Elite SF
8:40p INT Final
9:30p Elite Final

Rink B
11:30a C+ v Ice Mafia
12:20p Wolves v Watkins
1:10p Barrie’s NA v Furious
2:00p INT QF
2:50p INT QF

5:00p INT SF
5:50p INT SF

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