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IronWOman - Golden Addition - Sat March 23 @ Augsburg
Submitted By: Lori on March 14, 2019 at 12:41:41 PM

IroWOman "Golden Edition" Teams

Please plan to pay Lori $35 before your first game. Cash or Venmo accepted (@Lori-Snider-1)

I might have room for a few more, email me if you are interested [email protected]

*=Team Captains
Team 1= Team Rose
*Lisa Bennett
*Kaye Folmer
Goalie--Rachel Caggy
Nicole Waxmonsky
Meg Ogdahl
Kendra Meyer
Sue Smith
Sierra Barthen
Shannon Obey
Anna Gombos
Kelly Thell

Team 2= Team Sophia
*Jen Revels
*Shelly Larson
Goalie--Darla Corcoran
Andi Thone
Natalie Warren
Amanda Tuflano
Sydney Davis
Krystal Hamski
Joan Bennett
Holly Kaufold

Team 3= Team Blanche
*Julie Buzicky
*Lori Hamski
Goalie--Kim Hanlon
Laura Greene
Kait Ziemer
Elizabeth Walters
Roya Moltaji
Jody Wolfort
Megan Gelhar
Amanda Brine
Tessa Cheng

Team 4= Team Dorothy
*Michelle Eberhard
*Amy Stech
Goalie--Sam Gordon
Emily Dobbs Ryan
Shalanah Dawson
Tracy Lund
Laura Schultz
Amanda Smith
Hieu Trinh
Jess Tischleder
Emily Stein

Saturday March 23 - Augsburg Rink B

3:40- Team Rose (1) v. Team Sophia (2)
4:15 Team Blanche (3) v. Team Dorothy (4)

6:45 Team Rose (1) v. Team Blanche (3)
7:30 Team Sophia (2) v. Team Dorothy (4)
8:15 Team Rose (1) v. Team Dorothy (4)
9:00 Team Sophia (2) v. Team Blanche (3)
Championship (1 v. 2) 9:45

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