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Schedule For The Riverside Classic Oct 11-12
Submitted By: Premier Broomball Inc on August 22, 2019 at 3:33:26 PM

All games played at Augsburg Arena - 2323 Riverside Ave Mpls MN

Women's Pool
Arctic Blast
East Coast
Wood Saloon

Men Pool A

Men Pool B

Note - The men's teams will be placed in their pools via a live draw, to take place at the MN Meltdown immediately following the completion of the 9:20p games on Friday Sept 20. A rep from each team will draw a card A-8. Whoever draws the Ace will place their team in the pool and place (spot 1,2,3,4 or 5,6,7,8) of their choice. The teams will then continue to place their names on the board in the order of cards drawn.

The participating Men's teams in The Riverside Classic are - MN Chiefs, MetX, Kelly Lake, Furious, Ice Mafia, Blitzkrieg, Flames, Legion BC

Friday Oct 11
Rink A
6:30p Men 1 v Men 2
7:20p Men 5 v Men 6
8:10p Men 1 v Men 3
9:00p L'Equipe v Arctic Blast
9:50p Men 7 v Men 5
10:40p Arctic Blast V Wood Saloon
11:30p Wood Saloon v East Coast

Rink B
6:30p Men 3 v Men 4
7:20p Men 7 v Men 8
8:10p Men 2 v Men 4
9:00p Men 6 v Men 8
9:50p -
10:40p L'Equipe v East Coast

Saturday Oct 12
Rink B
3;30p Men 1 v Men 4
4:20p Men 2 v Men 3
5;10p Men 5 v Men 8
6;00p Men 7 v Men 5
6:50p L'Equipe v Wood Saloon
7:40p Arctic Blast v East Coast
8:30p Men SF Pool A 1st v Pool B 2nd
9:20p Men SF Pool B 1st v Pool A 2nd
10:10p Women Consolation 3rd place v 4th place

Rink A
10:10p Women Championship 1st place v 2nd place
11:00p Men Championship 8:30p winner v 9:20p winner

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