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Auggie Fall League Schedule
Submitted By: PBI on September 4, 2019 at 12:10:45 PM

Auggie Fall League Schedule

Fri Sept 6 – Rink A
6:45p Sun Devils v Ice Mafia
7:35p Pistons v Furious
8:25p Sun Devils v Flames

Fri Sept 27 – Rink B
9:00p Sun Devils v Furious
9:50p Furious v Ice Mafia
10:40p Pistons v Flames

Fri Oct 4
6:45p Flames v Furious
7:35p Sun Devils v Pistons
8;25p Ice Mafia v Pistons

Fri Oct 18 – Rink A
6:45p Ice Mafia v Furious
7:35p Pistons v Flames
8:25p Sun Devils v Ice Mafia
9:15p Sun Devils v Flames

Fri Oct 25 – Rink A
9:45p Flames v Ice Mafia
10:35p Pistons v Furious

USA Broomball rules apply
15 minute stop time halves

Experimental OT Rule -
5 minute stop time sudden death OT 3v3 plus goaltenders. If still tied game ends in tie
NHL rule for penalties in OT will be applied.

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