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4v4 YOUTH TOURNAMENT! January 4th, 2020
Submitted By: Scott H. on October 14, 2019 at 2:06:04 PM

Midwest Broomball is excited to announce our 1st annual youth broomball tournament to be played in conjunction with the 8th Annual Midwest Broomball Mens tournament on January 4th, 2020. There will be 3 age divisions: 10 & under, 11-13, 14–17. The age divisions may be altered to accommodate all entries. Since this is our first year, we really do not know what to expect as far as interest. Teams can be all boys or all girls or mixed. There will be no gender requirement. Cost per team is $80 and is a 4-game guarantee. All games will be two (2) 10-minute halves (believe me, this is just right for a small ice game) and will be played on the Hamilton Center Small Ice rink. Please click on the link to register a team.
The tournament will start and finish on January 4th. Rules are noted below:
Hamilton Center Ice Arena - Columbus, IN Small Ice Tournament Rules:
1) USA Broomball Rules will be used (where applicable and with exceptions noted below).
2) Games are two 10-minute halves w/ a 2-minute halftime.
3) Play off the walls, netting, and ceiling to keep game moving.
4) No icing or offsides will be enforced.
5) Teams are based on age groups. No requirement on number of Boy or Girl players.
6) All face-offs will occur at center ice.
7) Penalties will be enforced. Minors = 1-minute / Majors = 3-minutes
*There is no penalty box, player will have to exit the ice and time starts at the drop of the ball
8) Hockey nets will be used.
9) No mercy rule. OT only in playoffs. OT is 2-minute period 3-v-3 no goalie.
10) If your team has subs, they can only change out on a dead ball.

Goalie Rules: (teams have the option to play as no goalie a.k.a. 4-runners)
1) Broomball Goalie equipment is allowed and goalie rules apply:
*Blocker and Chest Protector/Shoulder pads only, no Leg Pads or Catchers can be used
2) Goalies can freeze the ball but must be within a stick length of the crease (Refs. discretion).
3) Goalies cannot throw the ball down the ice. They can hand pass it to either side of the net, kick the ball in any direction, play it with their stick, or freeze it.

Crease Rules:
1) Player on offense cannot be in the crease before the ball.
2) If the Goalie leaves the crease, he loses the goalie privileges until he re-enters the crease.

Minor Penalties (1-minute):
1) High stick - any play on the ball above standing shoulder height (excludes the goalie when making a save attempt).
2) Slashing your opponent's stick with your stick.
3) Checking your opponent - This could be a major penalty depending on intent or force used.
4) Tripping your opponent.
5) Grabbing your opponent's stick or body to gain advantage.
6) Intentional delay of game.
7) Impeding the progress of your opponent.

Major Penalties (3-minutes):
1) Fighting of any kind or instigating a fight (Ref's discretion)
2) Disrespecting the Referee or your opponent (language, etc.)
3) Stick contact with upper torso of your opponent
4) Intentional rough play (Ref's discretion)

Copy and paste link below if it does not work on the page:

If you need more info, please contact me via e-mail or phone (812-350-2224)
Scott Herron - Tournament Director

4v4 Youth Registration

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