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Blaine v Auggie All Star Game
Submitted By: The Broomball Magazine on November 26, 2019 at 4:11:16 PM

The Mag is happy to have been named the official sponsor and arbitrator of the First Annual AugsBlaine All Star Game!

After league play concludes the week of Dec 8. The two respective leaue directors will post their top six candidates to start the game on the ABL website. The fans will then vote via poll format to ascertain 1 "locked-in " starter for each league (the leading vote-getter for each respective league). The directors will then choose four of their remaining five picks to ascertain each leagues starting lineup.

In addition each team manager ( from both leagues) will select one player from their roster to represnt their league at the All-Star game.

Note - Neither All-Star team will be allowed more than three total players from any one roster. So,,, if league directors DC or Woody choose three from one team to be in the starting lineup, that team (or teams) will not be given a self select roster spot.

The league directors will choose 2 goaltenders from their respective leagues, each goalie will play one half. If the game goes to OT it's Coach Carroll/Stauffachers choice as to who plays the OT. OT will be 3v3 plus goaltender until completion.

Look here for more exciting news on the 1st ever AugBlaine All Star game in the coming days and weeks!

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