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Rosters For ABL V BBL All-Star Game Sat Jan 25 9:30p @ Augsburg
Submitted By: The Broomball Magazine on January 6, 2020 at 2:07:17 PM

The Mag congratulates all the All-Stars who were either voted in by their peers or selected by their League Director.

A special congratulations to ABL ( Met X) goaltender Corey Swanson, who led all vote-getters with 123 total votes.

The ABL captain (leading position player vote total) is Pete Sikich (Kelly Lake) with 66 votes. The BBL captain with 60 total votes is Ta Ho (Stickney Tree Service) Congrats to both captains on being awarded this prestigious honor!

The game will take place at Augsburg Arena Rink A, Saturday Night Jan 25 9:30pm. Admission is free, and all ice- time and officials fee's have been covered by Premier Broomball Inc.

ABL Roster
Coach - Dave "DC" Carroll
Starters as voted in -
G-Corey Swanson - Met X
D- Max Johnson - C&L Excavating
D- Tony Sikich - Kelly Lake
F - Jeremy Gil - MN Chiefs
F- Pete Sikich (C) - Kelly Lake
F- Jake Dixon - Northern Invasion

Reserves as selected by ABL League Director
G - Nate Loughran - Sticks&Stones
F- Brent "Hondo" Hanus - MN Chiefs
F- Colin Barrett - Ice Mafia
F- Dave McKenzie - Wolves
F- Jason Revels - Flames
F- Max Olson - Sticks&Stones
F - Marcu Ebert - MN Muskrats
F- Eric Mackey - Met X
D- Chris Knutson - Met X
D - Ira Hackner - Flames
D- Andy Scheider - Nordic Stars
D - Joe McCardle - Red Rock

* Note - The following players were either voted in or selected, but are unable to play due to injury or obligation.
Dan Shugarts - MN Chiefs
Jonathon Jaunty - Met X
Mike Kramer - Nordic Stars

Coach - Al "Woody Stauffacher
Starters as voted in
G - Nate Fried - Stickney Tree Service
D- Ta Ho (C) - Stickney Tree Service
D - Andy Stickney - Stickney Tre Service
F- John Kramer - Screaming Zamboni's
F- Caleb Sibell - Pickup STyX
F- Steve Rohde - Greenman Irrigation

Reserves as selected by BBL League Director
G- Nick Carlson - Screaming Zambonis
Mike Rohde - Greenman Irrigation
Justin Cusick - Red Rock
Jacob Stein - Bethel University
Justin Hayes - Pickup STyX
John Kutz - Angry Beavers
Greenman Irrigation - TBD
Screaming Zambonis - TBD
League Rep - TBD

* Note - Clives Roadhouse does not have a rep as the team is participating in an out of town tournament

Two 18 minute stop time halves -
If The game is tied at the end of regulation a ten minute stop time 3v3 (plus keepers) sudden death OT session will ensue. If still tied a 5 per side shoot-out will be incorporated (no blasts allowed!) breakaway only. Goalie Safety!

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