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Pools For The International March 27/28 @ Augsburg Arena Mpls MN
Submitted By: Premier Broomball Inc. on January 6, 2020 at 2:45:03 PM

In what is definitely the deepest Elite Division since the reserection of The International in 2017, America's top six teams (as ranked by The Broomball Magazine) are participating in this years event. The 2017 Champion and 2018 runner-up ( C&L Excavating) is also back to try and reaquire The Globe, as well as Barrie's Tavern Canada, a team featuring many of the top players from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

The Intermediate Division is loaded as well, featuring a who's who of American Top 20 teams.

The Elite and Intermediate moniker's were used by the tournaments founder back in the 80's, and Premeir Broomball Inc. pays homage to the past by continuing to label the two divisions as such.

This years tournament features a four team Women's Division as well. We are expecting no less than fifty of the top female players in America to participate in this years International. Once the team names are official we will post them along with the completed schedule.

Men's Elite Division
Pool A
Furious - Mpls MN
Legion BC - USA
Kelly Lake - Apple Valley MN
Barrie's Tavern Canada - SK,MB,ON

Pool B
C&L Excavating - Albertville MN
MN Chiefs - Richfield MN
Met X - Cottage Grove MN
Sticks&Stones - Apple Valley MN

Men's Intermediate Division

Pool C
Ice Mafia - Bloomington MN
Watkins Legion - Watkins MN
Northern Invasion - Mpls MN

Pool D
Outlaws - Syracuse NY
Red Rock - Mpls MN
Flames - Mpls MN

Pool E
Pickup STyX - Blaine MN
Nordic Stars - Mpls MN
C+ - Eastern USA

Pool F
Mel's Boys - Blaine MN
Rochester United - Rochester MN
Wolves - Mpls MN

Women's Elite Division

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