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USA Broomball Moves into Ohio March 2013

The National Championships are coming to Oxford, OH March 22-24, 2013. This is the most balanced tournament to date with 33 teams from 8 states competing in the tournament.  Look for Cincinnati's Brian Kaeppner to be named this year's Ambassador of the Year, along with Jason "Speedy" Williams of Baltimore, MD.  Brian joins fellow Ohioan Jeff Downs (2011) on the list, while Jason is long overdue for the honor. His wife, Beth, was named Ambassador in 2010. 

USA Broomball Hosts Women's National Championships in April 2013

USA Broomball is looking to crown a third women's champion team in April 2013.  The inagural champions were Miami University (2006) and in 2012 the Minnesota Selects won the title. Look for more information on the broomball message board as it becomes available.



Broomball Rule Changes, Modifications and Clarifications.

  1. Checking is not allowed at any level of play. 
  2. All Minnesota team rosters must be submitted to the MSF office by January 5. There will be no exceptions for any teams not completing this requirement. Also rosters may be only 15 players for any Minnesota State Tournament. A maximum of 3 rostered players from any team or combination of teams are allowed to drop in classification from prior years to form a new team.
  3. National rosters are set at 20 players. Any Minnesota team participating in a National Tournament may pick up 3 additional players from Minnesota in the same or lower classification. However these pick-ups may not be from another team wishing to participate and must get a manager's waiver releasing them to play in Nationals.
  4. Icing will now be "Automatically" called when the ball crosses the goal line extended. provided all the other criteria which still applies are met.
  5. For indoor tournaments, all classifications will be able to play the ball to the shoulders.
  6. No player may punt or drop kick the ball. Kick passes are still legal.
  7. Any attacking player in the crease before the ball will incur an immediate whistle with the resulting face off at their defending blue line.
  8. Any contact to the helmet, whether intentional or not, will be penalized. This includes hands and brooms. The severity of the penalty will be called according to the situation.
  9. "Picks", both moving and stationary, are considered interference and will be penalized accordingly.



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